Episode-138- Check Varroa Counts Mite Drop In Honey Bee Hive

Honey Bees outside the hive in winter
Honey Bees enjoying another break in the weather.Varroa Mite

Varroa mite drop check after 7 days. Only 2 mites noticed on the entire board.

The Varroa Counts Mite drop count in both hives is extremely low and the survival of the honey bees at least through the winter seems possible. It has been one week since I greased the board and when I went to check today there were only a couple of mites on Hive A’s board and none to note for Hive B.  Although I presented some up close up photos and video for Episode-137 there does not seem to be a problem with Varroa at this time. I went out this afternoon and took advantage of the warm weather to lay on some extra fondant to ensure the honey bees have enough food.

Both hives have lots of honey and there was some activity in the frames. At least while these three wonderfully warm days last the bees have not given up on foraging and taking cleansing flights. I’ll leave them alone for a while as that seems the best course of action. There’s still lots of other activity I am doing as I lay out the food forest in my backyard and the next couple of episodes will show the great strides I am undertaking to make what I imagine a reality. Stay tuned.

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