Episode-31- Bees Prepping For Winter Making Beautiful Honey

October 9, 2011, last full inspection before winter. The Russian honey bees are busy prepping for winter making beautiful honey.  Watch the bees prepare for winter and see how much golden honey they have made. Someday I’ll get some. Music credit, Danosongs.com, En La Brisa and  Blue Devil Plain.

Song of the day – With Or Without You 

Show notes

  • Subscribe To Do List Home
  • Music – Blue Devil Plain
  • Honey Bees and their Beehive
  • Learn how to become a beekeeper
  • Videos
  • Gardening – We are taking Action for life and permaculture in northern Virginia. Turning the home into a homestead and business.
  • Planting Times
  • KellyBees
  • BrushyMountainBeeFarm
  • Grease patty formula: 1 1/2 pounds (680 grams) of solid vegetable shortening (Crisco recommended), 4 pounds (1814 grams) granulated sugar, 1/2 pound (227 grams)  honey; mix until smooth; form into patties; store between sheets of wax paper; place in plastic bag; keep frozen until use.
  • Awesome metric converter system


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