Episode-180- Get Rid Of Stink Bugs And Other Pests In The Home

Get rid of the stink bugs.
Get rid of the stink bugs.


Twice a year I need to do my own insect eradication from the home. I don’t many bugs in the home at all and I credit my own home defense method for that. I don’t use an expensive and I don’t waste a lot of time doing this biannual chore. The biggest hassle is getting up in the attics to do the initial spraying. From there I work my way down through the home to the crawl space in the basement.

My father is visiting soon and I noticed a black bug in the bathroom he will be suing last week and figured I better to work again. The video for today show my gear for using in the home and the safety techniques I employ for working in the attic. You’ll see dead bugs from my spraying last fall and the remnants of a strange bug I saw in one of the attics. A little bit of Cyper WP and bugs be gone.

Cyper WP or cypermethrin is a synthetic pyrethroid that can be mixed at a ratio of about a tablespoon to a gallon of water in a good sprayer. It is the cheapest and most efficient way to protect a home from insects of all sorts. No more creepy crawlies joining you at the dinner table. Instead this product will kills bugs in the home and barricade it from others wanting to enter. Especially the dreaded stink bug which emerges from hiding in the spring. Cyper WP is safe and non toxic to humans and pests but it is highly toxic to fish and invertebrates. It’s practically non-toxic to birds and bees which is important for someone like me who has beehives in the backyard. I only use it in the home and we haven’t seen a living stink bug in the more than two years I have been using the stuff.

Don’t get taken by the home pest control companies who show up at your door offering monthly services at high prices for services you don’t need. Learn to do this yourself and save money for the future instead. This is the Cheap And Easy Way To Do Your Own Home Pest Control. Cyper WP is just $30 from Amazon.com for a multi-year supply! Don’t delay and get some today and keep your home or apartment pest free.


Song of the Day – Andre Rieu – The Blue Danube Waltz – Live Video

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