Episode-179- Inspect Top Bar Hive For Queen, Larvae And Eggs

This video shows how to inspect a top bar beehive for the queen, larvae and eggs. It also depicts my methods for feeding the colony and controlling pests. The video begins with a view from the plexiglass window and then how I replace the feeder which is located inside the hive but set outside one of the follower boards.

I begin by sliding a follower board back to get some working space and then I removed the grease and pollen patties. These bees were very calm and only required a little bit of smoke to keep them calm while I inspected the hive. There are several cool shots of combs being built and how they are supporting capped brood, larvae and eggs. Since the comb is being built naturally and not on foundation it is a bit difficult to see the eggs because of the transparency of the comb but they are there.

Once I was satisfied that the hive is developing well I sprayed each side of comb with a mixture of sugar water and Honey B Healthy to help keep disease and pests at a minimum. I did not want to powder them with sugar because the uncapped larvae might not like the sugar on them prior to being capped. A little bit of my mixture shouldn’t be a problem. Peaks into the hive through the window later this past week proved that point. The bees seems to be doing well and I even saw the queen and once I saw her I quickly closed up the hive. On to the other two hives for inspections.


Song of the Day – Andre Rieu – The Very Best Of – Live Video: Scotland The Brave and Amazing Grace

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