Episode-181- Start All Over To Stay Out Of The Mud

It has been over a year since I first attempted to repair a mud path with a stone walkway. I had no plans going into this other than my past experience building walkways and such but I never really built something like I did on my own property. The previous episodes listed below explain how I built the pathway and why it was necessary so I will spare some of the details here today. It is recommended that you check them out in order to learn the materials needed for doing your own walkway.

The intention of today’s episode is a demonstration of admitting failure and taking the steps to start a project all over to get it right the second time. I believe doing some things wrong the first time is beneficial in order to better learn techniques that work and gain the confidence to teach others. Some things as I mention like building top bar hives or bee boxes should be done right the first time to avoid harm to the bees down the road.

I guess my advice is that when you are attempting something for the first time don’t be afraid to make mistakes. At least not costly ones. Moreover, be even less fearful of admitting failure and try again but not necessarily the same way or at least don’t expect different results. That’s the definition of insane.

The path needed to be completely relaid because of the weeds growing between the stones and the unlevelness of the stones. This second and hopefully last attempt to turn the mud path into a safe walkway includes the steps of laying the topsoil with sand and making sure the stones are all level with one another prior to placing the pea pebbles around and in  between them.

That’s it for today now go and don’t be afraid to do things a second time time to get it right.


Song of the Day – Peter Tosh – Pick Myself Up (Live Version) – Live Video

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