Episode-225- Watch Project FeederWatch Week 2

If a picture is worth a thousand words then video must be worth more. Thus, there is not much for me to include in this session because I only want to show how easily the birds in my back yard have taken to their new feeders. I didn’t know anything about the birds in my […]

Episode-223- Join Project FeederWatch

As if I don’t have enough projects I decided to take on another long term fun project to help pass time in the winter. I never really spent too much time worrying about the birds in my yard but last year year my older brother inspired me to consider adding a bird feeder to my […]

Episode-228- Not So Squirrel Proof After All

November 23rd, 2013 The birds in my backyard are loving the new bird feeders. They took to them very quickly and can be observed all day taking their turns gathering food. For the first time in my life I’ve stopped to observe birds and can now actually recognize a few species. Being a part of […]


As the snow falls on this secondary of January 2014 I must get off my tail and firm up plans for spring. It may seem like a far way off but in just four weeks I will have to start seeds if I wish for a productive crop starting with green onions and parsley. Then […]


Glad to be prepped for winter but it is sad that the cold muck of this weather is just starting. The bees are all tucked in and I hope they have enough of their own honey to get through the winter. There is no food growing and I have yet to see worthwhile growth from […]

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