Episode-112- Make A To Do List For Life

No one gets out alive but

that’s no excuse for not getting what you want out of life. In actuality I’m living a better life now just by working towards these goals. Each of these goals consists of tasks to accomplish through the use of to do lists and action plans. They all require extensive and evolving to do lists which help to make sure I cut the path to a better life. Each of the to-do lists require prioritization based on urgency and available resources. Each to-do list item usually requires notes based on my observations and experience. Putting all the information together can be intimidating. However, with small first steps and a willingness to plan you too can accomplish the goals you want out of this life. All you have to do is conceive them, believe in them and yourself and hard work. Through this episode I hope you learn how to take better control of your life to get what you from it.

For each of the goals to accomplish for a better life I have created to-do lists based on my observations, communication with others and research. Each of the goals has a timeline indicating the deadline for reaching them and major milestones.

Today I am just going to focus on goal #4 Learning and improving permaculture techniques to help build community, efficiency and reliance. For this goal I have created a master plan consisting of a timeline for milestones and actions to make it happen.

Get started today. Go to http://todolisthome.com for more information and resources.

You can e-mail questions and also your experience about how you have are accomplishing what you want from life.  TonyTeolis@todolisthome.com


Song of The Day – Jordan Johnson – MP3 To Do List (The Rich & Famous Song) [ Reality ] – Video

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