Episode-111- Destroy Evil Squash Vine Borer And Eat More Squash


Watch this video of the 2012 squash vine borer invasion and learn what I am doing to mitigate damage.

I’m pretty fortunate to work with a lot of people who have gardening experience and I always share what is happening in my gardens with them. This year I have been keeping a vigilant watch for the Evil Squash Vine Borer but somehow they slipped past me. I have had to pull 2 of the 6 squash plants I had growing and producing squash because these pests have bored into the plants and basically ate them from the inside out and cut them at the stems beyond repair.

To combat further losses I learned from my colleagues that I should bury the stems as much as possible to prevent further damage. To do so I first made a wonderful mix of homemade compost, peat moss, potting soil, hummus and manure and top soil. I then buried the stems of the four remaining plants as much as possible and then it rained to help compact the new soil around the plants. If all goes well the remaining plants will be prepared to ward off future invasion and produce delicious squash for at least another month. Stay tuned for the results. E-mail me with your questions and experience warding off the Evil Squash Vine Borer and I’ll post them in a future episode.  TonyTeolis@ToDoListHome.com

Squash Vine Borer Elimination 2011

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