Episode-110- How To Harvest Honey From A Bee Hive – Part 2

This is Part 2 depicting how the honey is strained and bottled and shared with others. I recommend watching Episode-106- Honey Harvest And How To Get Honey From A Bee Hive – Part 1  to get the full view of how honey was cut

 from the frames for the easy and low cost crush and strain method of harvesting honey. Enjoy.
Special thanks goes to Linda’s Bees for showing me how easy it is to harvest honey with little cost.

How to manage honey bees by my favorite advisers

  • Rusty and HoneyBeeSuite.com
  • Michael Bush and BushFarms.com – The Practical Beekeeper

ToDoListHome.com Honey Bee Episodes


Show notes

Be the 5th person to e-mail me at TonyTeolis@ToDoListHome.com with the word “honey” in the subject line and I will mail you a 4 ounce jar of honey. Send your address and it will be in the mail the next day. I promise.

Song of The Day – REM – MP3 Me In Honey (Album Version) –  Live Video

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