Episode-266- Grow Green Onions And Chives At Home

Green onion harvest - one of many  The sowing season is now in full swing. Every week from now until May I will be sowing new crops. This weeks see the start again of green onions and chives. I can’t wait til these are ready. The green onion grow big and tall if cared for properly. I start hundreds of them from seed and take the time to plant each and every one. I tend to grow the chives in bunches and they’ll be transferred into pots versus tray once the seedlings form.

I’ve been throught hsi before and methods are tested and true. so without further ado I introduce you to the best way to get started with these plants. Seeds are from SouthernExposure.com

Follow along with the  2015 Planting Times and things will get quite busy. Next up are chives and green onions. My favorites! I love green onions and I especially like growing them at home because they are tastier and bigger than what can be bought in the store.



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