Episode-204- Where Are The Bees In Colony C – Part 3 – Despair Then Hope

Welcome to Where Are The Bees In Colony C – Part 3 – Despair Then Hope at ToDoListHome.com. If you have watched parts 1 and 2 you know it has been a frustrating start for one of the new honey bee colonies installed on April 22, 2013. This one month old colony was doing well and I made things worse as noted in Episode-203- Where are the bees in colony C – Part 2 – Down On Their Luck

This video picks up on May 22 -25 and we see despair turn to hope as the bees have turned the mess I made combined with their queenlessness into something manageable. i provide some peaks from under the hive and show how they are clustered since it was a bit colder than normal on these days. As the video notes the colony is queenless but seems to have supersedure underway and I will leave them alone except for feeding until they no longer need it.

There are several nice closeups of the bees near the hive entrance and they are not annoyed with my presence as I would expect them to bee. Enjoy the close ups of the exquisite creatures. Stay tuned because the saga continues and it is not all peaches and cream.


Song of the Day – The Bridge – Pick a Boogie – Operator – Live Video

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