Episode-202- Where Are The Bees In Colony C – Part 1 – A Backyard Saga

Welcome to Where Are The Bees In Colony C – Part 1 – A Backyard Saga at ToDoListhome.com. This is part 1 of an ongoing story of the troubles this colony has experienced since its installment on April 23, 2012. The episodes in the resources below shows the installation and check for an egg laying queen. However, within a few short weeks it should have been apparent to me that this hive was not off to a good start. This first video shows that the nectar and pollen gathering and storage was low, there were no eggs present only larvae and there was not much drawn out comb.

At this point three weeks after installation the hive should have had at least 3 to 4 frames of drawn comb most of which supporting brood. That wasn’t happening and I did not note an supersedure cells. Thus for whatever reason I just assumed it was a slow starting colony. I should know by now that a slow starting colony is a doomed colony. I have not yet experienced that malady and did not react fast enough to provide some good management. I wanted the bees to determine what to do.

The trials and tribulations with this colony were just getting under way on May 12 when this video was taken. it’s now July and the saga continues but before I bring you up to speed watch this and the videos int he resources. Then more will follow as the saga builds in drama. Stay tuned.


Song of the Day – North Mississippi Allstars – Rollin’ n Tumblin’   Video

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