Weekend Chores March 2015

Mason Bee Homes  Peach and Pear Guild Beginnings  Spiral Garden Beginnings

Weekend chores its all about food and being green. There’s lots of talk about being green and but doing green is work and the payoff is food and revenue. Here’s the ToDoList just for the time between March 13 and 15, 2015. Notice the omission of the regular life stuff. We don’t forget to do that too at ToDoListHome.com 

  • Transplant 30 seedlings into red cups and move to lights
  • 2 coats of white on 6 mason bee homes
  • Sow 24 new sets of seeds
  • Design, build and place two tree guild system in front yard
  • Plant two more fruit trees in backyard swales at optimum sites
  • Move sunflower .icrogreens to lights
  • Harvest all of arugala microgreens
  • Harvest spicy salad microgreens
  • Clover over south walkway for umpteenth time
  • Prep trays for next set of micro greens, hot and spicy
  • Prep mason bee kit for shipping
  • Prep more bees for 1st customer
  • Start new spiral garden

How can we help you get started on your GREEN path? See ToDoListHome.com for your green solutions.

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