Episode-251- Time For Top Bar Beehive Update

I have been showing a lot of the fruit, flowers and vegetables growing around the property permaculture style but I need to emphasize at times the animals that all play a part of the systems I have built. Featured in this episode is honey bee colony D from June 2014. This hive began in April 2013 and seems to be doing well. The present colony is possibly the result of a new queen and young bees left behind from the original D colony.  Episode-244- How To Inspect The Top Bar Hives  recorded the condition of the colony in May 2014 and things did not look good. There were no honey stores nor enough brood underway to have confidence the colony would survive.

However, the honey bees left behind in colony D seem to be developing a groove to recovery. I will be vigilant as well about keeping a weekly half gallon feed of sugar water and honey b healthy. More importantly I will greatly reduced my interaction and interference with these bees specifically because that is what I am learning best. The potential for me to tip the balance is great enough to caution my hand. Now where could the original colony have gone too?

Then on to the newest colony E. Which doesn’t look good and doesn’t turn out better later either. This colony began in April 2014 and never got their act off the ground. I thought they were developing well but I recall I released the candy end of the queen cage after about 5 days and I should have left her bee. If I speeded the release ever so slightly did I harm her connection with the colony. Can’t say I ever recall seeing eggs or larvae present.


Song of the Day – Deep Banana Blackout – Bump and Sway LIVE at the VIBES

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