Episode-69- Start Seeds With Soil Blocks For Easy Planting

  • Less than 3 weeks until the last spring frost. Feels like it may have already passed but I’m not taking any chances. Still using April 20 for northern Virginia.
  • What’s been sowed in soil blocks so far: green onions (lots of them), parsley, chives, tomatoes, hot peppers, asters, four o’clocks, marigold, thyme, oregano, okra, chamomile, spider flower, Swiss chard, endive, and basil.
  • What’s already planted: rosemary, Swiss chard, snap peas, endive, and parsley.
  • What’s getting sowed this week:  radish, many different sunflowers, morning glory, and New Zealand spinach.
  • Soil Block making and success rates: 90%
  • The only plants I had trouble getting started in the soil blocks are chives. I tried again in vermiculite and still no luck with getting sprouts. Will try once more for those. Everything else is at 90% or better success rate!

How to make soil blocks – Episode-48- Sow Seeds In Soil Blocks To Save Time, Money And Back Pain

Sow Seeds In Soil Blocks To Save Time, Money And Back Pain

Soil cube mix

  • 1 part soil conditioner bagged compost
  • 1 part moisture control Miracle Grow Potting Soil
  • ½ part homegrown compost
  • ¼ part vermiculite
  • 1/8 part sand
  • ¼ part water
  • Mix well until consistency is thick but holds together
  • For lighter version do not use compost

Song of the Day – Klaus Bedelt –  Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl –

Pirates of the Caribbean The Curse of the Black Pearl video 

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