Episode-70- Improve Home Security With Motion Sensor Lights

security lights
security lights
security lights in the back
security lights in the back


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Why motion sensor lights are an important part of security
For me this is something I learned in the army long ago and far away. I was the physical security non commissioned officer responsible for a very valuable piece of property and its contents. One of the first things I learned on that job was all locks have to be checked by hand not eyeballs. Next was that well lit areas deter intruders because there life expectancy shortens greatly under bright light.
Security lights are one of the most practical and effective ways to prevent crime in or around your home or office. In fact, statistics show that a well-lighted property cannot prevent malicious activity or guarantee personal safety, but crimes are less likely to occur because lighting is an excellent deterrent.
A security lighting system is a deterrent because criminals prefer to operate when they feel they won’t get caught. Their chances of getting increase in light. That’s why . Criminals like to look for areas with little to no lighting.

As a Homeowner I benefit from a lighting security system that can detect and recognize movement in an otherwise overlooked and dark surrounding such as my back yard. We border the woods and have a lot of wildlife on the grounds. We don’t mind the wildlife at all but it is ice to know what’s moving out there sometimes.

Our yard slopes down to the northwest and having a flood light security system at the back of the home and in various places in the yard. The downward directed and shielded security lighting of provides the great vision for us in the home. In regards to security the position of security lights, is crucial because if we are in our home we can see a criminal and possibly provide authorities with descriptions, information, and other valuable clues.

Additionally, we spend a lot of time in the yard at night and the lights we have for security around the home and property add a special touch for enjoying the gardens and campfires at night.

We like to do our own home improvements and can quickly and easily install security lights for an increased sense of home security. In that regard, outdoor floodlights help keep our home lit during the dark hours. Most outdoor lights provide motion detection and will turn on automatically when something or someone moves within the vicinity of the exterior of our home. This means if an intruder is nearby, their movement will likely prompt a security light to turn on, which leaves the intruder vulnerable. Security lights also provide an added sense of safety. Sometimes we come home late and the security allow for a level of confidence.
Outdoor motion-activated security lights can also save us money. The lights only come on when there is movement, instead of leaving our porch light on all night. It’s important to note that floodlights should be installed near each entry door, garage door, or any other easy access point around your home. Overall, security lights are very cost effective and a great addition to our home security system. They flood the exterior of your home with light at the slightest detection of movement and will send a clear message to would-be-thieves that our house is protected.
When installing any flood light system it is important to position the lights out of arms reach so that they cannot be disabled or destroyed by intruders. The best position is a downward position, so they must be mounted as high as possible on your house for safe, and reliable operation. That’s it for today now go and do something useful!


  • Results – So bright I can work outside after dark which is necessary during spring.

Wired Heath Zenith 150-Degree Motion-Sensing Twin Flood Security Light, Gray

  • Price: $18
  • Lights: 2 90-Watt Par 38 Halogen Reflector $12
  • Light output:  1300 Lumens –
  • Energy used 90 watts
  • Life hours – 2,000 hours

Technical Details

  • Up to 70-Feet detection range with adjustable detection sensitivity
  • Adjustable detection sensitivity
  • Selectable Light timer (TEST, 1 min, 5 min, or 20 minutes)
  • Uses two 90-Watt PAR38 flood bulbs (not included)
  • 10-Year warranty
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