Sea Plane Misty Fjords, Alaska, 9-2-11 Part 1

Although Glacier Bay was indescribably beautiful and awe inspiring in itself it did not create the adrenaline rush of today’s sea plane flight into Misty Fjords. Song credits go to Vestige en Antigua and Autumn Boy. Brought to you by the ToDoListHome podcast.

Captain David Doyon is President, CEO, and Chief Pilot of Misty Fjords Air & Outfitting.  As an Alaskan aviator, Dave has logged over 19,000 hours of safe flying time in the skies of Southeast Alaska. He was out pilot and he was a great narrator for the flights through the wilderness.

Ten of us flew in an 11 seat Otter seaplane and I was fortunate to have the front seat for the first half of the trip.

What an amazing and humbling way to spend 90 minutes. My thanks goes out to Misty Fjords Air and our pilot David who was as friendly as he was informative.

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