Episode-18- Nativity. Ellwood City, Pennsylvania. How to defend a threatened Nativity

I hadn’t talked to my dad in over a week and he told me about what he did last Friday December 2, 2011. My hometown in Pennsylvania has been putting up a nativity scene in front of the city building since before anyone can remember. It seems some atheist group in Wisconsin http://ffrf.org/about/ found out about it finally and they threatened to sue my hometown. They said they were sending 2 buses of people to my hometown to demand that their banner denouncing gods be displayed next to the nativity scene.  http://ffrf.org/news/releases/ffrf-sends-solstice-cheer-to-ellwood-city/

From the Ellwood City Ledger

From Pittsburgh channel 11 news  My dad is standing to the mayor’s left.

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Opening remarks about the men and women from Ellwood City, PA who left in uniform only to never return. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L2Xn-Ne_gbw (1:45 into the video)

At the end my dad is quoted as saying what he usually likes to say to atheists when they introduce themselves as such to him. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L2Xn-Ne_gbw  (13:45 into the vid)

 Song of the Day –  Gloria In Excelsis Deo (Angels We Have Heard On High)

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