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I hadn’t talked to my dad in over a week and he told me about what he did last Friday December 2, 2011. My hometown in Pennsylvania has been putting up a nativity scene in front of the city building since before anyone can remember. It seems some atheist group in Wisconsin found out about it finally and they threatened to sue my hometown. They said they were sending 2 buses of people to my hometown to demand that their banner denouncing gods be displayed next to the nativity scene.

From the Ellwood City Ledger

From Pittsburgh channel 11 news  My dad is standing to the mayor’s left.

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Opening remarks about the men and women from Ellwood City, PA who left in uniform only to never return. (1:45 into the video)

At the end my dad is quoted as saying what he usually likes to say to atheists when they introduce themselves as such to him.  (13:45 into the vid)

 Song of the Day –  Gloria In Excelsis Deo (Angels We Have Heard On High)

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