Episode-29- Insulate The Home For Energy Efficiency And Savings


Make Your Home Energy Efficient and Cut Costs By Insulation

Insulation safety tips

  • What I did
  • Why I chose to insulate this old home
  • Resources I used
  • Tax Credits
  • Insulation table
  • How to insulate a vented crawl space
  • Items required for the job – rolls of insulation, a special mask, gloves, knee pads, a hard hat, a utility knife, old clothes, support wires and a long pole with a hooked end. I also had aloe plants to use for the itching that inevetibly occurs when working with fiberglass insulation.
  • Preparations
  • How long it took  – 6 days spread out over a 3 week period to cover the 800 SF attic and 600 SF crawl space
  • How I did it.
  • R factor – I wasn’t fooling around I wanted warmth. So I went for 30 R for the attic and 19 R for the crawl space. .

  • Picking up the insulation – 18 rolls per visit
    Costs? 25.6 x $12.50 = 19.2 x $15.67 = $680 + mask, staple gun, staples, gloves, steel rods,
    How long it took – 3 weekends
    It took 3 sessions to complete the lower attic. 800 square feet.
    1st session
    2nd session – knee pads, mask
    3rd session – 1 long session to complete the crawl space 600 square feet – Hard hat and knee pads and respirator really saved the day.
  • What I learned
  • What I liked – I learned how to do it right, safely and with saving labor costs
  • What I didn’t like – I hate working with insulation!
  • Who this kind of work is for – Home heating and cooling costs will not go down nor will any other of the regular products and services we depend on for a comfortable existence. Electricity, natural gas, water, oil and food just to name a few will require an increasing amount of energy from ourselves to be expended in order to maintain current living standards if we are lucky. I don’t want to take that bet.  As inflation increases the price of necessities it is up to us to be creative in how we choose to deal with price increases.  Insulating your home yourself helps to get you started. Wisely scaling back unnecessary expenditures while introducing self reliant methods of production is necessary to enjoy greater freedom in your life.

Song of the Day – Buffalo Springfield –  Questions – Video

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