Episode-197- Inspect the Top Bar Hive At Night

What a cool video I made of the top bar hive at night. The plexiglass window allows me to take a look inside this busy hive for some never before seen shots of how this hive operates. Everyone is working in the hive. This is certainly not a place where they celebrate happy hour.

This video was taken two days after I expanded the hive to a total of thirteen top bars. The bees are already drawing out new comb and they have plenty of room for expansion. Later in the evening the video shows how well the guard bees protect their home from unwanted pests and predators. I may put a robber screen on it later to aid in protection from the European hornets I have seen occasionally.  Enjoy the video and learn how to inspect a honey bee hive at night. Now if I can only figure out how to do similar observations of the Langstroth hives. See plans below for to build a top bar hive with an observation. Something I insist on doing if you have the opportunity.


Song of the Day – Dark Star Orchestra – One More Saturday Night – Live Video

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