Episode-196- Inspect The Top Bar Hive For Eggs And More

This is a pretty cool video of the latest top bar hive inspection. I show how I inspect and manage the hive and it is wonderful to see so many active bees raising brood and making a real home sweet home. The other two hives in the yard are Langstroth hives and they are struggling with raising new queens in both. But this hive is the Thrive Hive. It is a kick ass colony really gearing up for winter.

There is a lot of brood and honey in the hive and the queen seems to be in perfect condition as evidenced by the eggs, larvae and capped brood. the pattern looks great on all the bars. The work I put into building this masterpiece was well worth the effort.

If you are considering raising honey bees in a top bar hive the resources below will get you on your way. Enjoy.


Song of the Day – Beats Antique – Revival – Video

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