Free Mason Bees

Blue Orchard Mason Bee  Mason Bee home

This video show the Blue Orchard Mason Bee Osmia Lignaria cocoons that are hibernating in my fridge. The camera then trail to the garage where I am building the new mason bee homes. I have homes and nesting reeds available for purchase. The bees are free and will be ready to work in the spring. They spend their days pollinating your spring and summer fruit, vegetable and flower plants. Mason bees are easy to care for and new cocoons can be harvested in the fall for hibernating until the next spring. Last year I began with 20mason bees 8 female and 12 male pupal. There are now over 200 cocoons in the frindge and I want to give them to you for free!

It’s a wonderful learning experience for young and old and it is doing something good for the planet.

Here is a short video that shows how I set up one of my mason bee homes.  It will give you an idea of what it’s like.

My bees cames from If you want to learn more about Mason Bees please see these sites.


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