Episode-261 – What A Wonderful Matt’s Wild Cherry Tomato

Tony Teolis/ January 31, 2015/ Gardens/ 0 comments

Matt's Wild Cherry Tomato

Matt's Wild Cherry Tomato

This amazing tomato video is of just one plant! Matt’s Wild Cherry Tomato Seeds from SouthernExposure.com Get some today. Support these folks on a Virginia farm. The Cherry Tomato plant Solanum lycopersicum is one of my most prolofic crops. The cherry tomatoes will produce from mid July through September and never fail in allowing at least one salad’s worth of tomatoes per day per plant! A few plants and you have real productivity. Although I love my other tomato varieties this Matt’s Wild Cherry Tomato is the best in taste and bounty that I ahve experienced in 6 growing season. I have been growing this variety for at least the last three season and as I improve on my starts from seed methods and transplants as well as placement in the gardens the plant seems to improve.

The plant featured in today’s video is just one plant I grew on a whim out of an asparagus bed. It is supproted by a 6 foot by 5 foot trellis on a hugel bed next to it. Last year I grew a Matt’s Wild Cherry inthe hugel bed and that went cray productive as well. In fact it grew so well it needed 2 trellises to support it.

It won’t be long til it’s time to start seeds again.

Seeds from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange

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