Episode-60- Best Tree And Landscape Service. Call RS Tree In Fairfax VA

  • Episode-55- Do The Right Thing Catch And Store Energy But Not In The Front Yard
  • My neighbor Roberto Solorzano Owns RS Tree & Landscaping Service
  • Looked at the tree in question with me and we realized how dangerously close it was to falling over due to No root system and limbs only on the side facing my house
  • Made me an offer I couldn’t refuse
  • Showed up right on time and the video in today’s show notes and at YouTube Channel Tokyo 73 records how fine a job they did. Completed the job in just under 2 1/2 hours.
  • As soon as the crew was done I finished my plans for the backyard and went to work building hugelkulture mounds for the blueberries and elderberries which will have more sun now.
  • So far I built 5 blueberry and 6 elderberry mounds
  • I have 7 more blueberry mounds and mound for the purple asparagus to build
  • More on these and other gardening plans coming in a future episode
  • I could have been cheap and lazy and done nothing and I would end up with less productive results. I don’t enjoy spending money but for the price I paid I received a much greater amount of solar energy on my backyard
  • Able to now move forward with full blown gardening plans.
  • Soil blocks are coming along fine and last night I sowed marigolds, asters, 4 oclocks, tomatoes, oregano, chamomille, and okra. 54 new plants in total just last night. Show about that coming soon.
  • If you live near Fairfax VA I recommend RS Tree & Landscaping Service

Ask for Roberto: rstreeservice@yahoo.com, Phone : (703)425-7785 / (703)980-3115 Fairfax, VA

  • Tell him Tony Teolis sent you and see if he will give you a deal. This is a good way to support local small business.

Song of The Day – The 5th Dimension – Let The Sunshine In (Reprise) (Remastered 2000) – Video

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