Episode-61- Build A Dream With Gaia’s Garden

What I learned from Gaias Garden

  • A better understanding of how permaculture locates forces such as sun, wind and water each in its own sector
  • How to incorporate the 5 zones system for implementing permaculture onto my small property
  • Methods of contouring to catch water rather than continue to endure the slow erosion of my side and backyard

What’s really good about this book

  • The various food forest ideas that are based on permaculture principle number 7 – Design From Patterns to Details
  • Garden designs along with explanations of the techniques for implementing them into my permaculture plans
  • Now in the back yard I have one mini food forest built and am in the process of building the second. They will contain elderberry, blueberry, asparagus, blackberry, raspberry and a wide variety of flowers and vegetables. If it goes well all of these plants along with the other animal life forms on my property including the honey bees will have a long lasting and beautiful place to reside.

Gaias Garden is a must read for

  • People who used to garden but gave up because of pests, too much work and lack of success
  • People who want to build large or small scale food forests that don’t require annual plantings and the expense that goes with traditional gardening methods
  • People who want to make dreams come true in their backyards just as Mother Nature intended

More on Permaculture

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