Episode-244- How To Inspect The Top Bar Hives

The video in today’s episode is a month old already but I get to things eventually. I am taking a less invasive approach to beekeeping this year. There has been too much to prepare in the gardens that I have not had to the time or energy to over manage the hoeny bees which I […]

Episode-164- Install Bees To Langstroth and Top Bar Hives Part 1

Today is the day the bees came! Two packages of bees came in the mail and the post office called my home twice while I was at work to come get them. My wife graciously went and picked them up. She’s amazing!

Episode-259 – Feeding Top Bar Beehive

What a good time for me today as I checked in on the top bar hive.  That’s colony D and the survivor of 5 hives in 5 years. Not good odds but a chance for survival is underway. This video shows the top bar hive cluster and it was time to top them up. I […]

Episode-251- Time For Top Bar Beehive Update

I have been showing a lot of the fruit, flowers and vegetables growing around the property permaculture style but I need to emphasize at times the animals that all play a part of the systems I have built. Featured in this episode is honey bee colony D from June 2014. This hive began in April […]

Episode-239- The Easiest Way To Install Bees Into A top Bar Hive

I begin this video with the actual installation of the honey bees. With I hope to show you Easiest Way To Install Bees Into A top Bar Hive. I am also careful and cautious about their condition. The video will show the importance of having respect for animals. They have just traveled 650 miles from the […]

Episode-226- Check The Top Bar Hive Before Winter Part 1

Today’s video is from November 2nd 2013 when I went into the top bar hive to check on the bees’ winter honey supply and to put in top bar of fondant and a sugar patty packed with essential oils and vitamins. The manner in which I planned to introduce the fondant was on a top bar […]

Episode-197- Inspect the Top Bar Hive At Night

What a cool video I made of the top bar hive at night. The plexiglass window allows me to take a look inside this busy hive for some never before seen shots of how this hive operates. Everyone is working in the hive. This is certainly not a place where they celebrate happy hour. This […]