Episode-192- Squash Bug Prevention Update

This is an update to Episode-187- Protect My Summer Squash Plants From The Squash Vine Borer and the video shows how well the plants are doing. There are fruit and flowers on all four of my squash plants and I can’t risk losing any of them this year to the evil squash vine borer. In past years I have reacted after squash bug invasions but this year it seems I am taking the right approach.

I showed how to protect the plants and now you get to see how well the plants are coming along. There are squash fruit on three of the four plants already and we will soon be grilling them, frying them and and just plain enjoying them. It is a bit of work but the taste is worth it. Let me know how you protect your plants from pests like the squash bug. Be sure to share your tips too.


Song of the Day – Keller Williams and the Travelin McCourys – Hobo Jungle – Live Video

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