Episode-124- No Treatment, Clean Wax, Natural Cell For Honey Bees


Honey Bees Gone Wild – No Treatment, Clean Wax, Natural Cell

In Episode 116 I presented my ideas on how and why I must become a less intrusive and more natural beekeeper. The tasks for accomplishing natural beekeeping will take a little but I started to implement more of the techniques on August 4, 2012. These tasks include…

  1. I have to first Stop treating with chemicals. I need to raise my own queens from local surviving bees.
  2. I have to ensure only Clean Wax is used. The bees need clean wax. Using foundation made from recycled, contaminated wax will not get that for me. Plastic is no better.
  3. I have to get the bees back to Natural Cell Size. Foundationless frames allow for the construction of natural cell size. Natural size cells lead to less varroa mites as well as natural sized honey bees.
  4. I must only feed Natural Food. The brood diseases all reproduce more at the pH of sugar than at the pH of honey. honey and Pollen are the real food of bees.

On August 26 I went in for peek at the two hives and found some progress.

A serious storm was headed my way so I couldn’t risk looking around the brood nest of the younger hive and taking pictures of how well the combs are being built but I can say they are being built.


Song of the Day – Eric Burdon and WAR – Spill The Wine – Live Video 

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