Episode-147- Mulch Everything In Site To Keep Plants Safe

So I took a cue from EdibleLandscaping.com and decided to mulch up all my plants as best I could as the last couple of months of winter bear down on us. EdibleLandscaping.com is located in Afton, Virginia and they have suppleid the grape and kiwi plants as well as the peach tree. Soon I’ll be ordering more plants from them such as cranberries, wintergreen, lavender, and houttuynia.

I was perusing their FaceBook page the other day and they advised that what is outside should get mulched. They should know. They have been in business 34 years and they probably have had their share of winter losses. Just as bees can die in winter so can plants outside. In particular one of the guys from EL told me before that I had better be careful about my rosemary. If it wasn’t mulched to the top and a big snow came I could lose them.

It struck me that most of the mulch I put on the plants during the fall and early winter has withered down. We have had three days of steady cold snowy weather here in northern Virginia and I thought I better prep the plants for more winter regardless of Punxsutawney Phil seeing his shadow and predicting an early spring. It will get colder and snowier before it becomes warm for good.

Thus, the backyard looks like a farm again and it’s too cold for the neighbors to care much. I have some honey for them so that should help keep the smiles flowing. Then once the magic of the back and front come to bear they will mind not a bit the work I do to create the edible landscape in my backyard.

Mulching isn’t free and I had to go to two places for the straw and bark but it was a Sunday and I am lucky to be alive. As such I must do all I can to support all the life I can around me. That’s one of the things I like best about raising a family, honey bees and gardens. It’s a ll a propagation of life thing for me. Sure don’t know where or how far but I’m gonna eat from my backyard. There is still plenty of time for you to prepare for spring too but not much.



Song of the Day – Railroad Earth – Like A Buddha – Video 


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