Mason Bee At Home

I have been promoting the mason bees a lot lately and for good reasona. The first is educational. I have been able to teach some people who previoulsy knew little or nothing about mason bees enough to consider raising some on their own. I have already been mailing out packages of mason bees, homes, reeds, attractant and guides. Even had a new friend stop by the other day becasue I am giving the mason bees away for free! That’s right free.

At first I was concerned whether or not the bees are well but I have proof that they are well indeed. I have over 200 cocoons from a start of 20 just a year ago. I got the bees from and more on my experience starting out with them can be found at

Episode-230- Add More Mason Bees To The BackYard

At we are about turning the home into a producer not just a consumer. Mason Bees are evident of that creed and it is time to share the knowledge and the fun.


The next benefit about mason bees to share is the volume of produce that can be realized with just a handful of these pollinators nearby. This video gives proof to just a bit of the energy that mason bees can provide to a simple home garden.

If you just want free mason bees send me email tony teolis at todolisthome dot com

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