Episode-108- Make Your Own Food And Flowers – Part 2

Watch and learn how to make gardens that produce food and flowers to enjoy at home. It’s been hot and over 100 degrees F or 37 Celsius. Gardening is not for the faint at heart this time of year and it’s been great to have a lot of the gardens made wood bed or hugelkultur style. This has definitely helped to keep the plants moist and healthy. Lots of good home made compost on the gardens has also prevented them from drying out.

Tour our gardens with today’s video and see for yourself what is possible with planning, hard work, hugelkulturseeds from SouthernExposure.com and plants from NourseFarms.com. Of course special credit goes to the gardens hardest workers, the Russian honey bees from Kellysbees.com. enjoy and come back for more.


Episode-107- Make Your Own Food And Flowers – Part 1

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