Episode-157 – Make Fresh Pollen Patties For The Honey Bees

In this episode I show you how to make fresh pollen patties for your honey bees. This nutritious mixture of fresh pollen, Ener-G-Plus Bee Diet, Honey B Healthy, pure cane sugar and water helps to keep honey bees fed and encourage brood rearing. The difficulty is that if I give too much then I risk having a big box of bees during a cold month of March and there will be too many bees and not enough food. If I don’t give any then I risk the bees treating this warm month of February as the onset of spring and consuming too much of the honey stores and then starving later due to a lack of food.

As with most things in life I’m damned if I do and damned if I don’t so I treat what I see and I don’t see much pollen being brought into the hive but there is some being gathered. My attempt to aid the bees may succeed if I just add a small patty for now and observe what else occurs as March approaches. In another video I will show how easy it is to put on the the patty. I opened up the hive on February 24 and added a fondant patty, a grease patty, and some dry sugar.

This video was taken on February 24 and it’s clear now that March has come in like a lion and stayed that way. Today is March 27 and I’m still wearing longjohns on my bike rides to work. The weather sucks and we even ahd some snow on the 25th but April should bring the onset of warmer weather to stay.

Song of the Day – The Animals – Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood –  Live Video

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