Episode-171- Irrigate The Gardens With Colorite Soaker Hoses


For today’s episode I give a review of my new irrigation system for all the gardens in the front and back yards. I spent the winter thinking about how I would water all the odd shaped gardens and plants. It was a bit challenging since I have so much variety now spread out in the mini food forest and I needed something that would not break the bank with the water bill. I have spent the past gardening season watering with sprinklers, hoses, cans and cheap soaker hoses and was never able to achieve effective watering. I wasted a lot of water int the past and now that gardens have expanded I needed to be more careful about water use.

I finally settled on the Colorite 250 foot roll of soaker hose as the most likely solution. I needed a total of 9 different soaker hoses of various lengths to water all the gardens and I needed to be sure they would not lead to wasting water. With my trusty utility knife, male and female ends, caps and quick release connectors I was able to place the very effective system depicted in the video.

The male and female ends were bit difficult to put in the hoses but with a little Vaseline everything fit in smoothly. The only thing I am missing is a timer for the irrigation. I have not yet been able to find timers that last long enough to justify the cost so I just time the watering. Watering the gardens is easy now and allows me more time to examine how each of the hundreds of plants are doing versus spending time carrying buckets of water back and forth.

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3 thoughts on “Episode-171- Irrigate The Gardens With Colorite Soaker Hoses

  1. I wish our soaker hoses has worked that way. Seemed a great solution for watering a place we have. Sadly, withing a week and a half, some animals had chewed holes in the soaker hose in an attempt to get more water. Would probably work well in our yard, better than buying individual hoses and trying to make them fit.

    1. Hello Heidi, I hate to read about the problem with critters eating the hoses. That’s a bummer!I’ve covered my hose with mulch and the parts of the grass where the hose is exposed new grass has overgrown and covered the hose.

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