Episode-212- Grow Tall Sunflowers With Compost

Today video depicts a few months of the growth of one patch of sunflowers I have growing. There are dozens of sunflowers growing this year and the big ones were started in indoor back in April. The patch depicted today however was grown from just planting the seeds in a small 2 foot square patch of ground in the front. When they reached almost 2 feet tall in June I went ahead and put on some home made compost and fish emulsion. From there Mother Nature took over and in just two months the patch has grown to over 9 feet tall!

The sunflowers provide an additional ample supply of nectar and pollen for the honey bees, carpenter bees, butterflies and food for the birds. Lots of people walk up and down my street all day and this is something nice for them to enjoy as they pass by. I’ve been all over the neighborhood and this is the only sunflower patch on the walkway. The property is surrounded by big sunflowers and little ones too and it was certainly worth the effort to get them all growing.

My compost bins are shown along with all the biodiversity going on in them and that’s the key to good compost, Have lots of life in it.  If you’re going to garden like me then you need to be making you own compost. Check out the Resources for more.


Song of the Day – Cabinet LIVE @ Peach Music Festival 8/15/2013

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