Episode-221- Prune The Prickley Blackberries And Raspberries

Raspberry pickins
Raspberry pickins

Pruning raspberries in the fall is a chore I have to do in the fall and sooner I remember and get the task done the happier I am. I don’t mind the brambles and the scratches they leave when they are producing fruit. It’s another story when I have to deal with cutting down the past season’s fruited branches. It’s really not too bad considering I have 6 raspberry and blackberry patches around the home. To help convince myself it’s not a bad job I put all the cut off bramble in the compost bin to breakdown and become soil for next year’s plants.

The episodes below will show why the plants are worth the little effort that is required in the fall. Just think about spring and it makes it easier.


Song of the Day – Spencer Davis Group – Gimme Some Lovin – Video

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