Episode-126- Eat More Squash Because The Squash Bugs Are Gone

The female squash bug lay their eggs at the base of leaf stalks, and the caterpillars develop and feed inside the stalk, eventually killing the leaf. They soon migrate to the main stem, and with enough feeding damage to the stem, the entire plant may die. On July 14 I had 5 squash plants growing in the gardens but…

the evil squash vine borer killed two of them. The damage and my efforts to save the remaining plants was recorded in Episode 111. This is what villain looks like as it grows and eats its way through the stem of the plant. It’s a nasty pest but I caught it from doing too much damage to the remaining three plants. There were beautiful squash growing on them and I wasn’t going to let them die without a fight. With a mixture of hummus and manure, top soil, peat moss and compost I recovered the stems of the three good plants and I want to show you how many more squash we harvested.


Song of the Day – The Rolling Stones – Midnight Rambler – Live Video 

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