Episode-236- 7 Essential Supplies For Spring Beekeping

2014 is my fourth beekeeping season. Right now the top bar hive seems like it will make it into spring no problem. However, getting them out of spring will be the challenge. It’s been a long much too long winter and the bees will need to work hard in between the early rains to gather pollen, nectar, build and raise brood and support themselves. There will also be another colony of honey bees to support later in April as a package of them will again arrive via mail from KelleyBees.com

In the meantime BrushyMountainBeeFarm.com has again come through with the necessary supplies for healthy and happy beekeeping. There are other supplies I use throughout the year but for spring these are the most important from my experience. I also have two kinds of Varroa mite treatments on hand but will hold off on using them until absolutely necessary. Let’s hope that does not become the case. Because only really strong colonies can survive the harshness of the treatments. It’s all about balance not eradication or control but balance. With the supplies listed that’s what I am aiming for.

  1. Beetle Traps – Because beetles will invade a hive and the bees could use some help in keeping their numbers low. This year I am also employing a beetle jail for the first time.
  2. Fumigilin B – To combat nosema which could be a concern after this long, long winter.
  3. Honey B Healthy – Because it has all the essential nutrients that bees can only benefit from.
  4. Menthol Crystals – To kill tracheal mites and keep them out of the hive.
  5. Pollen Substitute – Mixes well with real pollen to help stave off starvation.
  6. Fresh Pollen – The world’s best for the bees.
  7. Smoker Fuel – Because I don’t disturb the hive without having smoke nearby.

Song of the Day – Ziggy Marley – Moving Forward Video

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