Episode-145- Bees Are Important And Now You Know Why

This is a short video to give a little further explanation about the roots of my honey bee journey and why i am continuing with it. The desire to raise honey bees is stronger than all of the problems I know that can harm honey bees. I believe I can attribute the death of honeybee colony A to Anthropomorphism. That is still awaiting confirmation from the USDA but I now owe a debt to their memory and must reinvigorate my interest in helping to propagate the honey bee in a healthy and sustainable environment.

I love to grow my own food and after the second year of gardening I was convinced I could care for honey bees and hopefully they could care for the gardens. The last to years have proven that and it will continue in full earnest provided I am not forced to shut down operations. It’s painful dealing with the loss but I am not alone and will continue to better share my experiences as well as learn from others.

Song of the Day – Kansas –   Live Video

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