Episode-166- Water And Fertilize The Lawn The Quick, Easy And Money Saving Way


This is the Best Way To Fertilize And Water The Lawn. With Ringer Lawn Restore and a Gilmour Large Lawn sprinkler I am able to bring my old beat up lawn back to life. My lawn is not so large but odd shaped and the $20 Gilmour impulse sprinkler is perfect to putting water right where it is needed without waste. the Ringer Lawn Restore is a natural fertilizer that is not so easy to find but the best product for naturally bringing your lawn back to life without killing the necessary living creatures under it.

This video was taken April 14 and the Ringer was put on the lawn on the the 12th. I just a an old plastic coffee can with a handle and put some holes in the bottom to cover my roughly 2,000 square foot of front and back lawn. My neighbor wasn’t home for me to borrow his spreader but my method doesn’t take long and it’s cheaper than buying a spreader of my own.

The Gilmour sprinkler is an easy to program sprinkler with a 360 degree range setting and nodules that are pushed up or down to set the distance of the water. This allows for easy watering of rectangular, circular and all other odd lawn shapes. It’s a fun to watch tool and will earn its keep in a short time because it does not waster water. If you put it on a timer it could become even more efficient. I have not yet found a timer I trust so I just time it myself. The ones I have tried in the past all wear out too quickly to justify the cost.


Episode-132- Care For Lawn The Easy Way 

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