Watching Honey Bees Buzz

There was a lot of activity last Saturday the 19th of January 2013. I am sure it was because the honey bees in Hive B knew that a deep freeze with snow in tail was on it’s way. The video depicts foragers going out for what be available on this unseasonably warm day. Most of the bees seen flying were probably just taking cleansing flights and there also appeared some new bees taking training flights. The honey bee stores of food are plenty as will be seen in the next video which is of my inspection on this day. It was not a full inspection looking at frames by any means but rather just a check on food supplies and potential pest problems. The video was taken up close and personal without any protective gear. The bees allow me to observe peacefully but there is of course certain boundaries with all these stingers in the air.

Although this hive is in the gazebo now it won’t be for much longer. Once I am sure it is safe to move the hive I will do so to a sunnier location and just keep it there. There will be no more moves in the future in case of a coming hurricane. Small hive beetles thrive less in hives that have more sun exposure than what Hive B currently gets in the gazebo.

Overall expansion plans call for a third hive to be ready by April and I think I have given up on the idea of having a Warre hive and will build another Top Bar Hive soon. The Warre hive is an awesome concept but I think it should wait until I have a fourth or fifth colony that can risk total self reliance.

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