Updating the website

It’s time to buckle down and work on my meta tags and other site optimization activities. I do have some podcasts ready but I need to further improve the site a bit before I post.

The Russian honey bee hive

I did another inspection today, #9.  This was a thorough inspection and what I observed was spectacular! More bee photos.    Bee videos.

Lower and Upper Deeps

  • All frames doing well with capped brood, several drone cells, larvae, eggs, pollen and honey

2 Honey Supers (pre-coated with beeswax)

  • All frames being drawn very well and evenly

I removed the hive top feeder, added a grease pattie, got stung twice (same places as 11days ago), conducted on mite check on drone larvae (none noted), nothing of warning noted. No swarm cells, no supercedure cells, no hive beetles. Hive very active and busy and the queen was doing fine at least as of a couple of days ago (I couldn’t spot her today).

Gardening chore

Besides the regular daily harvesting my son and I pickled some cucumbers last night. Put fresh compost around the runners from the strawberries I planted last year.

Harvest photos.   Production video.

To Do List item

Employing new Dorcy security lights. More on that later.



Planting Times

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