Episode-101- Top Ten Websites For Making A Better Life Part 2

Tree Of Knowledge
Tree Of Knowledge

Episode-100- Ten Best Websites For Making a Better Life – Part 1  (10-6)

#5. Permies.com  managed by Paul Wheaton of Missoula, Montana and is now the largest permaculture site on the internet! Permies.com is great because it’s changed my property and as a result it has changed me. My backyard has been taken over by hugelkultur or the making of gardens out of huge logs of wood covered with soil. I have a classic 4 foot high by ten foot long hugelkultur bed filled with tomatos, squash, beans, flowers, rosemary, lavender and more.

#4. Chrismartenson.com  managed by Chris Martenson who is an economist and so much more. His primary goal is to position you for a positive tomorrow by taking appropriate action today. He built his site to help you stay informed, protect wealth, build resilience into your life and community, and connect with other concerned citizens.

#3. EarlyRetirementExtreme.com  managed by  Jacob Lund Fisker.  This blog will give you the tools to become financially independent in 5 years. Here’s how he did it. Early Retirement Extreme has changed my life because it has taught me new ways to evaluate my consumption and that of my family. It has helped me face the hard facts of achieving my dream of financial independence. Retiring early takes sacrifice beyond anything I was prepared for.

#2. Five Minutes With Jack  managed by Jack Spirko. 5 Minutes with Jack is the ramblings of the insane entrepreneur that Jack is. The 120 plus episodes that Jack has put together so far last more than 5 minutes and provide you with just about thing you need to get started and become successful as an online entrepreneur. Jack’s advice on on search engine optimization, inclusion of podcasts and video casts to a website, and revenue generating ideas are all priceless. His thorough explanations of wordpress and aweber have helped to shape ToDoListhome.com into what it is. A website of things to do for a better life. It’s amazing that he does all this for free. The only thing better than 5 Minutes With Jack is the Road To 100k forum located on the 5 Minutes With Jack website. It is a forum full of friendly and helpful people who are building a community to help others define and obtain their dreams.

#1. TheSurvivalPodcast.com managed again by Jack Spirko. In 2008 Jack Spirko was a voice out there in the wilderness but now with a crew of over 40,000 daily listeners Jack helps you build the things you need for good living. He starts off by making sure you have enough of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs at the bottom with food, water, shelter and emergency survival techniques in the event of a hurricane or a job loss. Then Jack continues on his way to one thousand episodes helping you help yourself, your family and your community. 

The Survival Podcast has a membership brigade that allows you special access to exclusive videos, content and discounts from sponsors of the Survival Podcast That help you implement the plans that Jack will certainly give you. More importantly is the survival podcast forum that is managed by listeners and covers all apsects of helping you live a better life, if times get tough or even if they don’t.

You have a responsibility to keep a roof over your head and food on the table and Jack literally empowers you to do things in order to reduce your dependence on complex systems. More importantly, Jack is full of the common sense that guided previous generations but somehow got lost on us along the way. From sharing his knowledge of growing tomatoes to raising hens for eggs or learning better ways to save money during inflationary or depressionary times Jack has the subject covered. He introduced me to raised bed gardening and then square foot gardening and then permaculture and then hugelkultur and my backyard has never been he same since. I have built a magical fairy land as I wished and although Sep Holzer, Paul Wheaton and Mel Bartholomew taught me how to do it I learned about them through Jack. Jack puts his whole heart and soul into his work with TheSurvival Podcast and Five minutes with Jack. He is truly an inspiration. Here’s to another thousand episodes Jack! Thank you.

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