Episode-163- Varroa Counts Mite Away II Effects On Beehive Part 2 of 3

Watch live crawling Varroa mites!  Manage Varroa Counts. This video was taken 24 hours after the application of the formic acid strips to Bee Hive B. The intent is to show you How to Use Mite Away II for Varroa Mite Control. The initial die of young bees was quite frightening to watch the first night. There were dozens of them just crawling out the hive and falling to the sheet in front of...

How To Use Essential Oils For Mite Control

This honey bee management tip will show how I use essential oils and honey b healthy to start the spring feeding and keep the Varroa destructor at bay. This should also help with tracheal mite control. I use 5 drops of lemongrass, 15 drops or spearmint and 20 drops of wintergreen. I also use 3 teaspoons of Honey B Healthy.        Honey B Healthy Don The Fat Bee Man Talking about all of it