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Episode-217- Check In On The Top Bar Hive

Tony Teolis/ October 3, 2013

The video for today’s episode presents the thrive hive which is the sole remaining bee colony on my property. This colony has remained strong from the time it was placed in the top bar hive in April 2013. It

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Episode-216- Defend Honey Bee Colony From European Hornets

Tony Teolis/ October 1, 2013

    Vespa crabro better known as the European hornet is an additional menace for honey bees that I see hovering around my hives. They typically can be seen in my backyard in northern Virginia between the months of

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Episode-215- Provide Water For The Honey Bees

Tony Teolis/ September 20, 2013

             In today’s episode I present four of the many ways in which water can be provided for honey bees. If you are a backyard beekeeper like me or wish to become one then

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Episode-211- Fruitless Fall Book Review

Tony Teolis/ August 12, 2013

Fruitless Fall book review: 1. What I learned The difference between the waggle and tremble dances foragers perform upon their return with goodies from the field. Foragers do waggle dances when recruiting others to a good nectar or pollen

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Episode-209- Get The Word Out About A World Without Bees

Tony Teolis/ August 10, 2013

This episode was intended be a review of A World Without Bees but I left my notes elsewhere. So before that one I present A Fruitless Fall  by Rowan Jacobson, which is a play on words much like Silent

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Episode-208- Where Are The Bees In Colony C – Part 4 – Eggs, Larvae, And Hornets Oh My!

Tony Teolis/ August 5, 2013

The saga of honey bee hive C continues and the colony struggles along. During today’s inspection I saw eggs and larvae which could be reason to believe that the colony had a successful supercedure. There were a few of

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Carpenter Bees Bouncing Back In The Bee Balm Video

Tony Teolis/ June 23, 2013

Xylocopa virginica The Eastern Carpenter Bee is alive and doing well in my back and front yards. There are lots of them around and they seem to be easily please with any of my many flowers. the honey bees…not so much. Although

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Episode-196- Inspect The Top Bar Hive For Eggs And More

Tony Teolis/ June 20, 2013

This is a pretty cool video of the latest top bar hive inspection. I show how I inspect and manage the hive and it is wonderful to see so many active bees raising brood and making a real home

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