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Episode-196- Inspect The Top Bar Hive For Eggs And More

Tony Teolis/ June 20, 2013

This is a pretty cool video of the latest top bar hive inspection. I show how I inspect and manage the hive and it is wonderful to see so many active bees raising brood and making a real home sweet home. The other two hives in the yard are Langstroth hives and they are struggling with raising new queens in

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Episode-191- Observe The Bees Guarding The Hives At Night

Tony Teolis/ June 10, 2013

This is Episode-191- of todolisthome.com Night Guards At The Beehives. I’m your host Tony Teolis and I’m Keeping track of things to do for a better life.  Throughout these episodes I refer to four honey bee colonies. Hive A died in 2012, Hive B was started in 2012, and Hives C and D were started in April 2013. I have

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Episode-179- Inspect Top Bar Hive For Queen, Larvae And Eggs

Tony Teolis/ May 20, 2013

This video shows how to inspect a top bar beehive for the queen, larvae and eggs. It also depicts my methods for feeding the colony and controlling pests. The video begins with a view from the plexiglass window and then how I replace the feeder which is located inside the hive but set outside one of the follower boards. I

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Episode-167- Best Ways To Check For Queen Release

Tony Teolis/ April 29, 2013

I waited the appropriate five days before going to check on the queens for the Langstroth and top bar hives being released. The video show the Langstroth Hive C check first and there is a special surprise

Episode-165- Install Bees To Langstroth and Top Bar Hives Part 2

Tony Teolis/ April 24, 2013

Here is Part 2 of installing the new packages of honey bees. In this video I show the preliminary steps for putting bees in the top bar hive. This is a first for me but I have been preparing for it since before

Episode-164- Install Bees To Langstroth and Top Bar Hives Part 1

Tony Teolis/ April 23, 2013

Today is the day the bees came! Two packages of bees came in the mail and the post office called my home twice while I was at work to come get them. My wife graciously went and picked them up. She’s amazing!

Episode-153- Make Foundationless Frames

Tony Teolis/ March 4, 2013

This spring I will have honey bees living in two Langstroth hives and one Kenyan style top bar hive. So far for the second Langstroth I have a stand, screened bottom board, 1 medium super, inner hive cover and outer hive cover. To make this hive complete I need to build a second and third medium super now and a fourth one

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Episode-144- Build A Top Bar Hive Part 2

Tony Teolis/ January 6, 2013

I have completed my first top bar hive and this build cost less than $100 and took a week of evenings to complete. Not bad for an amateur woodworker. The Makita Magnesium hypoid circular saw made it easy as it did for the kiwi arbor I built in November. All that is left to do is to add the bottom screen when it arrives.

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