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Parsley Grow Light System At Home

Tony Teolis/ February 20, 2014

Petroselinum crispum is just plain old garden parsley but it is much more than that too. The heat mats worked so well that the parsley has to move under lights one week earlier than expected.


Tony Teolis/ February 15, 2014

There seems to be no end to cold weather and to top it off we got a foot of snow today. It’s not that it is so bad but it has been a long winter and the motivation to plan for spring is tested by weather that keeps me indoors. Yet parsley is being sprouted and the plans for new

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Episode-233- Get Started With Indoor Seed Starts – Parsley

Tony Teolis/ February 8, 2014

       Today’s video depicts the start of the growing season for 2014. Although it is still icy and cold outside and spring seems like a long forgotten friend warm weather is coming. Thus it is time to start with the first plant to sow indoors and that is Parsley. I love this plant for reasons beyond its taste

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Episode-224- Build A New Garden In Less Than 5 Minutes

Tony Teolis/ November 18, 2013

Actually it’s not possible to build a hugel bed in such a short time especially the way I do it. However, putting this video together was fun and you can see in a brief span of time the effort and resources required to get started on a fine garden bed that will last for years and years.

Episode-205- Backyard Japanese Beetle Battle – Part 1 – The Great Grape Grapple Grind

Tony Teolis/ July 14, 2013

    Among the many plants I am growing in order to create a mini food forest in suburbia are grapes. I used to come across some plates of grape leaves as appetizers when I was a kid in certain settings but I can’t remember eating any. They must be delicious though be cause the Japanese Beetle (Popillia Japonica) are

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Episode-159- 7 Ways To Keep Deer Out Of Gardens

Tony Teolis/ April 6, 2013

Today’s episode will teach you How to Keep Deer Out of Your Yard and gardens. I will describe 7 methods I employ that seem to work at keeping these creatures away. Don’t get me wrong, I like deer just as much as the next person  I like

Episode-145- Bees Are Important And Now You Know Why

Tony Teolis/ January 8, 2013

This is a short video to give a little further explanation about the roots of my honey bee journey and why i am continuing with it. The desire to raise honey bees is stronger than all of the problems I know that can harm honey bees. I believe I can attribute the death of honeybee colony A to Anthropomorphism. That is

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Episode-140- Landscape For A Home Sweet Home

Tony Teolis/ December 11, 2012

My home landscape is becoming more and more edible by the day. Watch the video and you will see that there is does not seem to be much room left more plantings but my education and growth as a gardener and student of permaculture has always filled me with visions of growing things higher when I run out of space

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