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Episode-146- How To A Fix Bike The Hard Way

Tony Teolis/ January 22, 2013

I don’t know why I had to wait until I was in my forties to figure out how to do the things I do to make my life better. I mean I’ve had a lot of adventure and I’ve done a lot of things I never knew could be done but most weren’t the kinds of things that actually involved

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Episode-141- Italian Chicken Vegetable Soup Recipe

Tony Teolis/ December 25, 2012

Wedding soup has been a Teolis family tradition for Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays for a few generations on the Italian side of my family. This wonderful concoction of chicken, homemade meatballs, spinach, eggs, carrots and seasoning is a joy to prepare and even more joyful to eat. About 7 years ago I took the time to get a recipe from

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Episode-132- Care For Lawn The Easy Way

Tony Teolis/ October 30, 2012

     I want a nice lawn in fact I even followed a lawn care program for a couple of weeks once. But lawn care is a drag on my passion for growing produce. Growing things I can actually get out of my efforts and that taste delicious are more fun. Cutting grass is a drag because

Episode-129- Gaia’s Garden Book Review

Tony Teolis/ October 8, 2012

Gaia’s Garden is a guide to home scale permaculture by Toby Hemenway. To the ancient Greeks Gaia was Mother Nature. All of the other gods descended from her and her union with Uranus the god of the sky. So it’s only fitting that as we refer to nature we still do so in a way that shows respect for something

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Episode-117- Harvest Garden Vegetables For The Dinner Table

Tony Teolis/ August 4, 2012

Come and see what is beng harvested for the dinner table.  A wonderful display of delicious food that you can learn to grow on your own too. To Do ListHome.com It started as a way to keep track of things I do around the home to make life better. That includes permaculture and gardening and today I present you with some

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Episode-70- Improve Home Security With Motion Sensor Lights

Tony Teolis/ April 1, 2012

    Song of The Day – Adele – Someone Like You – Someone Like You – Live – video  Disclaimer Neither this site or its owner are in anyway providing anything other than personal stories of what was required to plan and accomplish tasks for a personal to do list. No responsibility is to be attached to the owner or site for

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Episode-68- Energy Efficient Homes For Dummies – Book Review

Tony Teolis/ March 28, 2012

What I learned from Energy Efficient Homes For Dummies  How to conduct my own home energy audit Inspections focused on searching out moisture, air leaks, water leaks and unused plugged in items How to turn a home into a producer not a consumer What’s really good about this book How it described the steps necessary to fix the audit findings

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Episode-63- Pave The Way To A Better Life And Stay Out Of The Mud

Tony Teolis/ March 18, 2012

     Problems posed if left ignored: sliding, rain runoff, more mud Tasks considered and carried out: slow down water flow with a straw filled swale along north side of the walkway landscape edging on both sides – real easy to work with and strong build up south side with top soil, peat moss, potting soil, hummus/manure to make the

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