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Episode-174- Make Swales With Hugelkultur To Grow Food And Green The Land

Tony Teolis/ May 11, 2013

Today’s episode is a long time in making. More than a year ago I began to experiment with building swales and making hugel (woody) beds and now I am ready to show you How To Make Swales To Grow Food And Green The Land. This is hard work but the rewards are seen in the landscape and the dinner table. The

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Episode-171- Irrigate The Gardens With Colorite Soaker Hoses

Tony Teolis/ May 4, 2013

              For today’s episode I give a review of my new irrigation system for all the gardens in the front and back yards. I spent the winter thinking about how I would water all the odd shaped gardens and plants. It was a bit challenging since

Episode-170- Square Foot Gardening Revisited – Question Time

Tony Teolis/ May 2, 2013

  Tony-san, I have a question about raised bed. I think square foot gardening is a great idea and I would like to try it this year. Though, I am concerned about using treated lumber for vegetable bed. I know using cedar or hard wood is an excellent choice to make raised bed but they are very expensive and hard

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Episode-169- Grow More Plants For Food And Fun

Tony Teolis/ May 1, 2013

In today’s video I show the plants that came in from EdibleLandscaping.com of Afton, Virginia. These plants were grown in my state and very suitable to the northern Virginia climate. I started with EdibleLandscaping.com in the late fall by planting

Episode-119- Start A Revolution At Home With Food Not Lawns

Tony Teolis/ August 8, 2012

REVIEW SERIES Revolution begins with taking control of my food. America’s biggest export is top soil. Each year America exports through its waterways enough topsoil to fill a train full of box cars that can wrap around the earth 7 times. American lawns and industrial farming make waste of one of our most vital resources. It’s actually a matter of

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Episode-102- Make Gardens With Flowers, Fruit, Vegetables And Honey Bees

Tony Teolis/ June 18, 2012

Tour our gardens with today’s video and see for yourself what is possible with planning, hard work, hugelkultur, seeds from SouthernExposure.com and plants from NourseFarms.com. Of course special credit goes to

Episode-98- Grow Strawberries And Make Strawberry Jam

Tony Teolis/ June 4, 2012

           Since it is spring /early summer in northern Virginia a lot of the episodes have been of the permaculture gardening flavor but I assure you that it is all for making a better life. In this kind of weather I want to be outside as much as possible. During the days Monday to Friday I

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Episode-62- How To Design Gardens From Patterns For Beauty And Production

Tony Teolis/ March 16, 2012

 Permaculture is a theory of ecological design which seeks to develop sustainable human settlements and agricultural systems, by attempting to model them on natural ecosystems. Permaculture principle #7 Design from patterns to details: By stepping back, we can observe patterns in nature and society. These can form the backbone of our designs, with the details filled in as we go. 

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