strawberry planter
Step 1 of the tiered strawberry planter
make a tiered strawberry planter
Step 2 of the tiered strawberry planter
strawberry planter final
Step 3 of the tiered strawberry planter with watering system

Strawberry Pyramid Planter Plans 

Putting in my new 3 tiered strawberry planter which istriangular shaped .

1. How the decision to grow more strawberries was reached

  • Perusing catalogs and wanting to grow more fruit
  • Thought about trying something new like elderberries or gooseberry
  • Spoke to my wife about it without actually asking for an opinion and I got strong one indeed
  • Sticking to what we love to eat as a guide
  • This year’s order will be for more strawberry and blackberry plants

2. where to get ideas for building a strawberry planter or anything else for that matter

  • now that the idea of getting more fruit was decided the dilemma I faced was where to put them especially the strawberry plants.
  • Perused the net over and over for images of strawberry planters and came across quite a few interesting ones.
  • Based on the space and location of the planter which would be near…. I needed something a bit more original in concept.
  • After some fooling around with powerpint shapes I hit upon the idea of creating a triangular shaped planter and a multi tiered one at that
  • I expanded on the triangular shape by making it a 3 tiered triangle that would allow the spread of runners during the second year. Additionally it look really freaking cool and is a great addition to a patch a grass that never grew after 2 years of much coaxing.

3. What it took to put it together and place it in the yard

  • I explain how the decision to grow more strawberries was reached
  • Getting strawberries and blackberries from Nourse Farms in Western Massachusetts
  • My thoughts on where to get ideas for building a strawberry planter or anything else for that matter
  • The reason for the design I created and what it took to put it together and in the yard
  • How it will be used and cared for
  • From the design in powerpoint and measuring the space in the yard where the planter would go I was able to determine that a right triangle with equal side of 5 feet and a hypotenouse of 7.4 feet would be the right size.
  • Further determined the size for the inner two triangle beds and from there calculated how much wood would be required for the project.
  • Once a more detailed plan (attached in today’s show notes) emerged I added support posts to the upper two tiers and connected the back of the planter tiers with fasteners.

4. How it will be used

  • This planter will 12 and half square of soil suitable for growing the 25 strawberry plants I am expecting in May and number of greens and flowers.

5. Care of the plants.

  • Watering system. Just a weeping soaker hose set on a timer. That same hose will water the pyramid strawberry planter, my fig tree as well as the blackberry and raspberry garden and my other 24 square foot raised bed that will host peas, edamame, garlic, onions, flowers and more greens.
  • As you can almost see from the picture in the show notes this planter has been filled with Mel’s mix as well as a deep layer of compost that has been brewing all winter. To my delight the compost contained plenty of worms all ready to go to work in their new home.

That’s if for today now go and do something useful.


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