Episode-66- Spring Into Action With Honeybees, Gardening And Cherry Blossoms

Honey bee hive A
Honey bee hive A in Full force

This is one of the 61% of the years that Punxsutawney Phil is WRONG! And I’m loving it. Busy as all get out with the honeybees and trying to keep them at home to make a honey harvest. Not sure what will happen but if I did read Mother Nature’s early signs of spring correctly then all this work will be worth. Well actually it will be worth it regardless what happens. Spring is here and it’s time to really get hopping in northern Virginia with the gardening, permaculture and honeybee chores.

I open today’s video with a showing the honey bees and the enlarged home. I bring the camera up close to the compost that’s already heated and ready to use. People are saying all kinds of things about the early spring and predicting all kinds of weather for the summer. Cherry Blossoms are in full bloom and today will be the end of their season as rain heads towards us tomorrow. Mother Nature is full of surprises and sometimes she delivers a nice one. Rather than debate what is happening or what will happen I choose to take advantage of the great weather. Bring what she may I believe I am following the signs correctly. We’ll see.

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